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Jen’s Recipe Bug Off Spray (100ml)


Made from 100% natural floral water aka hydrosol.

Do you know lemongrass essential oil (EO) is not recommended to use topically for children under age of 2?

Lemongrass EO also has a maximum dilution rate of 0.7%, exceeding the limit may cause reverse reaction such as sensitization & teratogenicity.
Although the recommended dilution rate of essential oil for 2 to 6 years old are 2%, but lemongrass EO dilution must not exceed 0.7% in the concoction,
the same goes to adult dilution.

However, there are other CHILD SAFE EO which is suitable for under 2 years old and as effective to repel bug.
As a mother of 2, I (Jen's Recipe Founder) learn to check the ingredient lists from food to products, I learn well as time goes by.

Eucalyptus EO is not suitable for children under age of 10, but LEMON EUCALYPTUS is the only CHILD SAFE EO in the Eucalyptus group (because of its chemical constituent).
Lemon Eucalyptus is found as one of the most effective essential oil to repel bug, as it gains its popularity in the West. Adding it to Lavender Hydrosol would strengthen its strength to repel bugs such as mosquito, ticks etc.

Please shake well and spray on clothes, particularly at the back by avoiding spraying at face, avoid sensitive area like eyes, neck, broken skin. May spray again after 2 hours.

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