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Jen’s Recipe Organic Wellness Oil (10ml)


Suitable for adults (12 years old & above)
Soothes mild: Headache, Dizzy, Nausea, Tummy Issues, Joint Pain, Sore Throat, Cold, Cough, Flu, Fever, Itch, Stress, Muscle & Period Cramp

*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil, *Lemonbalm, *Chamomile, Chinese Mugwort, **Ginger, **Lemongrass, **Lavender, **Basil, **Cypress, **Marjoram, **Peppermint, Vegetarian Vitamin E Oil
* Certified Organic Food Grade Ingredient
** 100% Pure Essential Oil

Roll on nape, back, spine, shoulder, behind ears, chest, forehead, cheek, joint, tummy, soles or affected area. DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN.

I (Jen's Recipe Founder) choose Sunflower Oil because it is non comedogenic, it would not clog pores; Certified Organic ingredients for its premium quality; essential oils that are carefully chosen for its purposes.

Healthy & Wellness Oil Usage:
During sickness, you may apply these places 3 to 4 times a day, or every hour during day time if you can.
Cough cold flu: apply n rub gently until absorb, nape, back, shoulder, behind ears and chest. Lastly apply on soles, rub until very warm then wear socks immediately.
Fever and sore throat : apply n rub gently until absorb, nape, spine, shoulder, behind ears, chest, throat, side of neck. Wait a while, then sponge.
Wellness Oil: For headache, pains, cramps, just apply directly on the concern area, may repeat every 30mins.

Certified Clinical Aromatherapists do not recommend using the same essential oil (eo) day after day after day after day. ?

You may use same eo for 3 weeks, stop 5 days, then continue. Or switch back and forth with different eo.
You may cross check the essential oil if you are using other products.

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